Baby Boomers in Business – The Secret to Knowing What Makes a Business Right for You

There are many factors that go into deciding what business is the right one for you to start. Choosing a business requires you to decide upon many different aspects such as, your skills, talent and training, your experience, your needs, your desires, and the lifestyle you want to live. Yes, choosing the right business for you also has to do with lifestyle design, because what is the point of having a business if you find out later that you can’t live the type of life that you want to live?

Analyze Yourself

• What makes you happy? Are you happy with being challenged, can you deal with a little stress? Do you prefer the comfort of having a weekly paycheck or can you deal with the ups and downs (and rewards) of owning your own business where floods and droughts are common place?

• What are your goals? It is important to know what your ultimate goal is. Is your ultimate goal to move up in the company you now work for, or is your ultimate goal to own your own company, to earn X amount of dollars and employ X amount of people, and to get to take X amount of vacations per year?

• Identify the steps. Be very specific, write down personal, business and financial goals. Include the steps for each that will be required to get you where you want to go. Without identifiable actions on your part it will be hard to get where you want to go, so do not ignore this important aspect of planning your business and finding out what you want to do.

Brainstorm Business Ideas

What are some needs that you have that you can’t fill such as a service you need personally that you cannot find.

Do you have a hobby that you can turn into a business?

What type of business can you start based on your experience, talent and training?

Consider a good mix of business between those serving consumers and those serving other businesses. Also consider businesses traditionally appealing to men and those traditionally appealing to women.

Here are a few businesses that have a good chance of success:

• Event Planner

• Financial Planner

• Freelance writer

• Marketing consultant

• Website designer

• Massage therapist

Even if you figure out that you need new training to start the business of your dreams — that is okay. You can obtain the training necessary to make all your ideas a reality. The important part is to identify what business you want to start, note whether or not it aligns with your values, and then decide what training you need to fill the holes, then take the steps necessarily to move forward. The secret to knowing which business is best for you is already in you, the real secret is to make the decision and then stick to it.

Do you have a business that you’ve been dreaming about that’s just right for you?